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The Office of Research, Measurement, & Evaluation (ORME) at the University of Arkansas was created in 1998 by Dr. Sean Mulvenon, Director, and Dr. Ronna Turner, Associate Director, for the purpose of conducting targeted educational research, consistent with the mission of the university as a land grant academic institution. Since ORME’s inception, its graduate students and faculty have developed partnerships with local educational agencies, state departments of education, local community groups, and faculty of other programs at the University of Arkansas. Past collaborative activities have included educational database development, management, and analysis; data assessment and analysis training; academic accountability model development; program and project evaluation; and theoretical research in the fields of education, statistics, and measurement. In 2003, Dr. Mulvenon secured legislative appropriations funding for the National Office of Research, Measurement, & Evaluation Systems (NORMES) which resulted in the development of a national office focused on large-scale database and systems analysis development for use by educators in Arkansas and other participating states for the purpose of conducting data-driven decision-making to facilitate academic reform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct targeted educational research, consistent with the mission of a land grant academic institution. The faculty and graduate assistants of ORME will continue to seek external funding through grant writing, conduct targeted educational research that addresses educational issues in Arkansas, and work to develop journal publications and conference presentations to augment the visibility of the University of Arkansas.


In 2003, Dr. Turner became the Director of ORME, which functions as an office within NORMES, with a revised focus of continuing program and project evaluation, conducting targeted research in the fields of education and social science, and continuing theoretical research in the fields of education, testing, and measurement. Current grants include:

* Collaboration with Physics faculty on a National Science Foundation GK12 grant: K-12 I Can Do Science! (KIDS) partnering graduate students in the fields of science, engineering, and math with local middle school classrooms for the purpose of conducting inquiry-based collaborative activities in science and math classrooms;
* Collaboration with Physics faculty on a U.S. Department of Education FIPSE grant incorporating business skills training into a traditional physics graduate program; and
* Evaluation of the development of a Microelectronics-Photonics interdisciplinary science and engineering graduate degree program funded by a National Science Foundation IGERT grant: A New Era in Electronics Education. The interdisciplinary program also incorporates business skills training and innovative research facilities to provide an advanced technological degree with a focus on meeting the increased expectations of the science and engineering industry.

Selected research articles and presentations related to grant activities and ORME research are also available.

Research Services

ORME is a multifaceted educational and health research agency that is ready to provide multiple services to agencies doing research. The staff at ORME includes professors with expertise in statistics, measurement, evaluation, policy analysis, and health issues. Additional technical support staff members are available with expertise in computer programming, web-site development, database management, and data collection.

The following types of services are available:

  • Support for grants that are being written
  • Structuring research agendas within grants
  • Designing studies
  • Data collection and maintenance
  • Data analysis using the best statistical models
  • Conducting evaluation studies
  • Provide research for policy-makers
  • Developing reports for dissemination and publication
  • Utilize web-based technologies to support research

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