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Mission Statement

To develop and provide data driven, scientifically-based educational research, in hopes that it will result in educational policy decisions rooted in empirical evidence. The scientifically-based educational research will be disseminated through the following:

The Educational Research and Policy Studies Journal (ERPS)

The Educational Research and Policy Studies Journal has evolved from the Arkansas Educational Research and Policy Studies Journal to have a more national emphasis and be a publishing source for academics who are conducting scientifically based research in education. To date, eleven issues have been published and additional manuscripts are being sought. The ERPS journal can be viewed here.

Geographical Academic Policy Series or “GAPS”

Many questions and analyses that we are asked to conduct can be difficult for non-statisticians to understand, but all types of people are interested in educational issues in Arkansas. GAPS has been designed to provide district and school-level statistical information through a color-coded system. In short, GREEN is positive and RED is negative. A quick review of most graphs provides an interpretation of the research question and how it impacts different regions of Arkansas. Graphs can be viewed here.

“Ask the Researchers”: An Educational Policy Series

The goal of Ask the Researchers is to provide a brief (1-2 page) forum on various educational issues. It is our intent to invite faculty members from NORMES, the University of Arkansas and other universities to participate in this series. Currently, you can view our policy briefs here.

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