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Greetings! Do you have a research question on educational issues in Arkansas? Nationally? Are you just curious about some of the stories you have read in the newspapers about education? “Ask the Researchers” is a forum for anyone interested in educational issues to submit these questions to the faculty and staff at NORMES. Our goal is to collect these inquires and use them to do two things: (1) Identify the most pressing educational issues and develop policy briefs, GAPS, or ALERT series reports and (2) Create an interactive listing with links to resources where you can find the information that will help answer your questions. Please, don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions regarding to education and we hope you will see your question answered as part of the NORMES web site soon.

Ask the Researchers

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Public Access

Public Access

The public site contains achievement data reported at the school, district and state levels to track the results of school improvement efforts. Visitors can compare districts and schools through a variety of different characteristics such as district size, amount spent per student, and student demographics. Features in the public access page include: (Click on the hyperlink to proceed to the feature.)

ALERT Find out if your school is closing the achievement gap.

GAPS View geographical representations of the most pressing educational concerns in Arkansas.

NOGGINS View school achievement in your community, or anywhere in Arkansas.

Arkansas Best Practices What are successful schools in Arkansas doing?

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