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The NORMES offices are continuously involved in research endeavors leading to improved academic and health initiatives throughout the nation. While each division of NORMES focuses on specialized initiatives, all divisions collaborate to draw on the collective expertise and strengths of the NORMES faculty, staff and graduate students.

Dunn, K. E., Rakes, G. C., & Behrand, B.
Can you help me? Selfregulation, age, and help-seeking in online graduate students. The Internet and Higher Education.

Dunn, K. E., & Rakes, G. C. (Fall 2011).
Teaching teachers: An investigation of beliefs in teacher education students. Learning Environments Research.

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Primary cognitive aging. In M. A. Toner, B. B. Shadden, and M. Gluth (Eds.), Communication and aging: For clinicians by clinicians (2nd ed.). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

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International Society for Technology in Education.

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Learner-centeredness and teacher efficacy: Predicting teachers’ consequence concerns regarding the use of technology in the classroom. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 18(1), 57-83.

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The impact of online graduate students’ motivation and self-regulation on academic procrastination. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 9(1), 78-93.

Dunn, K. E., & Rakes, G. C. (2010).
Producing caring qualified teachers: An exploration of the influence of pre-service teacher concerns on learner centeredness. Teaching and Teacher Education, 26, 516-521.

Crawford, A. V., Green, S. B., Levy, R., Lo, W. J., Scott, L, Svetina, D, & Thompson, M. S. (2010).
Evaluation of Parallel Analysis Methods for Determining the Number of Factors. Educational and Psychological Measurement.

Newgent, R. A., Behrend, B. A., Lounsbery, K. L., Higgins, K. K., & Lo. W. J. (2010).
Psychosocial Educational Groups for Students (PEGS): An Evaluation of the Treatment Effectiveness of a School-Based Behavioral Intervention Program. Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation, 1, 80-94.

Dunn, K. & Mulvenon, S. (2009).
A critical review of research on formative assessments: The limited scientific evidence of the impact of formative assessments in education. Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation, 14(7). Retrieved March 23, 2009 from .

AERA 2009

The 2009 annual conference will be held in San Diego on April 13-17.

AERA 2008

The 2008 annual conference was held in New York on March 24-28. The following papers were presented by the NORMES faculty, research associates, and graduate assistants:

Denise T. Airola, Sean W. Mulvenon, Charles E. Stegman, and Ronna L. Turner

The College Readiness Index: Translating a Complex Measure into a Practical Measure

Rebecca A. Newgent, Larry W. Featherston, and Charles E. Stegman

A School-Based Mental Health Program: A Collaboration Among Schools, Mental Health Agency, and University

Rebecca A. Newgent

A Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program for Elementary School Students Who Are Bullied

Rebecca A. Newgent

A New Model for Identifying Potentially At-Risk Children Who Need Mentoring

Kening Wang, Sean W. Mulvenon, Yanling Xia, and Charles E. Stegman

Modified Equation for Computing Performance Growth Index (PGI) When Expected Gain (EG) is Negative

AERA 2007

The 2007 annual conference was held in Chicago on April 9-13. The following papers were presented by the NORMES faculty, research associates, and graduate assistants:

Denise T. Airola

A Statewide Analysis of the Impact of Reading First on Economically Disadvantaged Students Using an Early Learning Indicator

Crystal Beshears, Calli A. Holaway-Johnson, Charles E. Stegman, and Sean W. Mulvenon

Arkansas Best Practices: Implications for School Improvement

Crystal Beshears, Charles E. Stegman, and Sean W. Mulvenon

Technology and Social Studies: Teacher Integration of Technology and Student Achievement

Sarah C. McKenzie

Pre-K in ECLS K-5: The Academic Achievement of Students from Various Prekindergarten Care Environments

Karen K. Morton, Sean W. Mulvenon, and Sarah Dillard

Highly Qualified Teachers and Teacher Examination Passing Scores

Sean W. Mulvenon, Michael Miller, Dan Ferritor, and Jon Johnson

Grade Inflation in Higher Education: Does an “A” Grade Still Mean Excellent?

Sean W. Mulvenon and Ross Santy

Improving the Quality of Use of Educational Achievement Data

Sean W. Mulvenon

Growth Models in the Age of Educational Reform: Understanding the Policy and Math

Ronna L. Turner and Amy H. Robertson

Impact of Inquiry Training and Scientist-K-12 Teacher Partnerships on Classroom Practices and Teacher Attitudes

AERA 2006

The 2006 annual conference was held in San Francisco on April 7-10. The following papers were presented by the NORMES faculty, research associates, and graduate assistants:

Denise T. Airola and Charles Stegman

From Placement to Proficiency: Finding a Balance in Appropriate Assessment and Accountability for English Language Learners

Sarah C. McKenzie, Nick T. Ogle, Charles E. Stegman & Sean W. Mulvenon

Does School Configuration Impact School Performance on AYP Assessments?

Sarah C. McKenzie, Sean W. Mulvenon & Charles E. Stegman

On Track – An Examination of the Patterns and Policy Implications: Associated with Matching Student Data

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