The NORMES Mission

The establishment of the National Office for Research on Measurement and Evaluation Systems (NORMES) addresses the immediate need for improved student assessment and evaluation practices in school systems. NORMES uses interactive technology to identify best educational practices and curriculum interventions that contribute to increased student achievement. NORMES provides an improved system for early detection of those students at-risk academically and the specific information necessary for educators to respond. NORMES transcends geographical obstacles in bringing educational resources to academically distressed and/or isolated school systems.


The goal of NORMES is to extend the current best practices model of a student centered assessment system developed at the Office of Research, Measurement and Evaluation (ORME) for use in a national center for schools. The ORME at the University of Arkansas created a student-centered system of collecting and reporting student data distributed via the internet to school systems in Arkansas. This system, the Educational Data Delivery System (EDDS), includes both public access and restricted access sites for reporting of educational data.

Private Data Access

The EDDS system, developed and operated by ORME for the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), is the only data system in the U.S. that provides student level data on a restricted website as a mechanism for improving classroom instruction. The restricted site is for principals and superintendents and provides access to individual student information, including demographic, administrative, and achievement data.

Public Data Access

The public site contains achievement data reported at the school and district levels to track the results of school improvement efforts. Visitors can compare districts and schools by a variety of different characteristics such as district size, amount spent per student, demographics, etc.


The EDDS system was recognized in 2000 by the US Department of Education and the Council of Chief State School Officers as a model program for collection and dissemination of educational data. The system is routinely updated, with current upgrades including individualized on-line data assessment features and No Child Left Behind reports for principals and administrators. The ORME website and public data for Arkansas are available for review at http://normes.uark.edu.

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